Reasons Why It Is a Must to Visit Bali

Going backpacking on your own? Going on a vacation with the whole family? What’s better than treating yourself to enjoy the beautiful and quiet nature of Bali. Either you have heard about Bali or not before, you deserve to know that this beautiful island exists and totally worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. One of Indonesia’s most beautiful islands is rife with amazing destinations to visit. Almost every city and village has its own characteristic magnetisms that just beg you to visit. Just a heads-up, once you read this article you might be overwhelmed and on your way to buy plane tickets. Just know that Bali offers so many amazing places to visit so for someone who is not very familiar it is best to hire Bali private driver guide so you won’t miss out on anything.

Spellbinding Scenery

Bali is rife with mesmerizing waterfalls, spectacular canyons and many more geological wonders. If you think going to beaches or traditional markets are not interesting, you can immerse yourself in Bali’s quiet nature and culture by visiting sea temples, canyons, caves, water villas, rice fields, etc. ask locals for recommendations or find private car hire with driver Bali that will accompany you to the best places in Bali.

Pools that Merge with the Ocean

You might like to know that Bali is dubbed as one of world’s best holiday destinations that has infinity pools. Swimming in the pool located on the edge of a cliff next to the ocean will surely relax your tired mind from constant pressure at work.

Tough-to-Beat Romantic Restaurants

not only is Bali has top quality world class resorts and spectacular scenery but it also offers you romantic restaurant that you can visit with your significant other. You can have a romantic dinner next to a rushing river, in the middle of a forest or even on top of a tower. The setting of all restaurants are specifically designed to impress couples as a romantic getaway so you definitely don’t want to miss out on this one.

Bali is rich in art, culture, and exotic landmarks. Don’t waste your time visiting Bali by just staying in one place the whole time. Get yourself a Bali private driver guide at to show you all the best places in Bali.