Tokyo One Piece Tower; A Dream Come True for One Piece Lovers

Tokyo One Piece Tower is indeed a paradise like place for Anime and manga lovers. Japanese Manga and Anime have spread all over the world. Many of them have been popular for many years. Let’s say Doraemon, Samurai X, Naruto, and One Piece. Among those series, the one that still keeps going and has lots of fans is One Piece. This Manga tells about the amazing adventure of Monkey D. Luffy who wishes to be the Pirate King. While trying to achieve his dream, he meets his collages and starts to have lots of experiences. Besides Manga and Anime, One Piece has released lots of movies! Most of them have gained lots of popularities among the Anime and Manga fans.

The original story is still ongoing until now. The story is getting more and more exciting because it involves lots of unique characters storylines. One Piece was firstly released in 1997 and has gained lots of fans since that year! The great storyline and the drawing are the reasons why One Piece is popular. If you are one of this series fans, you can fulfill your dream to meet many of One Piece characters at Tokyo One Piece Tower.

This museum is full of One Piece things! You can take lots of pictures with the One Piece characters, try out the “Devil Fruits”, have lots of games with Luffy and friends, or watch the One Piece live action show! You can make your dream come true in here. Take a part on the game and have numerous memories together with the Straw Hat Pirates. After having the games, you can fill your hungry tummy with various delicious dishes! Moreover, those dishes are mostly found in the Manga or Anime! Moreover, you can purchase lots of One Piece souvenirs such as keychains, action figures, original manga, even the devil fruits that are only existed in One Piece series! Buy as many as you can to get the evidence that you have already explored the amazing One Piece museum!

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