Wedding Reception Protocol

A wedding reception could be formal or informal, but you need to be certain that you do it correctly — in other words you need to adhere to the standard wedding reception routine as that’s what people can expect. Note nevertheless that the protocol isn’t quite as stiff as you may think, and may be considered more as a set of guidelines. However, what’s the traditional wedding reception routine?

An official wedding reception is generally held in the restaurant of a resort where amenities and employees are on-hand to get a whole sit-down meal — occasionally still called the “wedding breakfast”. An informal reception with a buffet menu could be a less costly choice.

If the guests arrive at the reception, then they need to be greeting with a receiving line. When there’s a high number of guests you may wish to just have the bride and groom welcoming the guests.

Guests are then typically presented using a drink, and when everybody has arrived they could start to search to their name cards in the dining room. The bride and groom must have sorted out this well in advance, and the sole point of protocol here is that in a formal wedding reception there’s normally a high table to your principal members of their wedding party.

At some point the cake is generally cut — this can be at the end or part-way through. This is a major photo opportunity and the few might need to stand in this place with a grin in their faces for many minutes! The cake is then whisked from the restaurant staff to be trimmed prepared to be handed out in the conclusion of the reception as individuals are leaving. You might choose to rescue the best tier to spare to your christening of this first-born.