How to Stream for Broadcast Online

The first one we’re gonna do is a streaming tab so since this video is a tutorial on how to stream to twitch we’re just gonna keep the service on twitch but as you can see there are multiple ones available like youtube gaming mixer dailymotion facebook live twitter all that good stuff so for the server i recommend leaving at auto but if you want to try picking what’s closest to you by just clicking on the drop-down menu and there’s scrolling down till you find what is closer to where you live just go for it and if it doesn’t work out well for you just go back to auto anyways moving on from that we got the stream key and you might be wondering the wife censored out with bullet points and the reason for that is because you never want to show anyone what your stream key is and the reason for that is because all anyone needs to actually stream on your account is just your stream key they don’t need your username or your password which is kind of scary and trust me this is why everyone says to never show your stream key to anyone but moving on from that to actually find your stream key just go to i already have it pinned up in my browser and once you’re here click on your name on the top right from there go to your dashboard and once you’re here you’re gonna see a different like tv2 malaysia

Once you’ve done that hit the channel link button under the settings section of the dashboard and you should get redirected to a page kind of like the one right here from here just click on stream key and then once you’re here just click on show key and from here they’re basically just gonna give you the same exact warning that i basically gave you right now and that’s just to never show anyone your stream key but anyways once you have read that just go ahead and click on i understand and they’re gonna show you the stream key so the cool thing about streaming platforms like youtube and twitch and i’m pretty sure almost everyone does this is that they’ll let you reset your stream key in case that ever does get out on accident or get gets leaked on accident or something like that and that’s just through the click of the button that says reset key so if i keep clicking it you can see it’s just gonna keep generating a random string of characters that actually tied together with my twitch account just so that no one can actually randomly guess what my stream key is anyways from here what we’re gonna do just go ahead

Copy the stream key by highlighting it right-click it hit copy go back to obs and then select what’s ready there in case you do have something ok backspace until it’s all gone right-click it and then click on paste and from there if you hit the show button right here you can see it matches up exactly with what we do have in my browser right here so once we’re back in obs we just have to click on apply and we should be good to go so from here we can move on to the output tab and if you guys have seen my best obs streaming guides i usually go more into the advanced side of obs when it comes to these settings but i personally just find leaving it at the simple settings when i stream because they usually result in a high quality stream and even work well with my computer and i’m guessing it’s gonna work well with yours too so remember when we ran the speed test earlier on in the video and i told you guys to keep your upload speed in your head so this were that’s gonna come in handy and right now i’m actually now have a chart on the screen on the bottom left of it and that’s just gonna tell you guys what i think you should set your video bitrate to based on your upload speed so your video bitrate is right here and since my upload speed was basically 5.8 i’m pretty content with leaving mine at around 4200 of course this is gonna be different for everyone but keep in mind that the max recommended bitrate from