Here’s how to mark important messages on WhatsApp apps

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging software in many countries. Personally, I like to use this service because it’s convenient. I use WhatsApp to communicate with not a few people, from friends, family to sources of people for news.

In addition, WhatsApp also supports group dialog features, making it easier for users to affiliate with not a few people at once. The problem is, because there are not many messages coming in, sometimes I have trouble finding important messages that I receive.

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Fortunately, WhatsApp has provided features in the form of Starred Messages, aka Starred Messages. To use this feature is quite easy. First, select the conversation that contains the message you want to mark. After that, select the message that you want to give an asterisk by tapping and holding it for various times.

There are various choices of actions that you can take in the upper stages, from responding to sending messages marked with other people. The star icon is in the second row from the left. Tap the star icon and the message you choose will become a Star Message. You can mark various messages at once to become a Star Message by selecting various messages before tapping the star icon.

Messages that have been marked will have a star icon at the bottom of the message, next to the message delivery time. Even if you want to listen to all Star Messages, you can find a collection of messages in the stage called “Starred Messages”.

To access this stage, you can enter the menu by tapping three vertical point icons to the right. Select Starred Messages and you will find all the messages you mark.

To delete an asterisk from a message, you pretty much choose an asterisk message by typing and hold it for a while and then choose a star icon with one line. Removing an asterisk in a message will not delete the message.