In Choosing a Mobile Phone Camera, Follow These 5 Benchmarks

Then cellphone cameras become one of the absolute factors when choosing a cellphone. Depressed self-esteem also makes mobile manufacturers compete to release quality mobile cameras. Nothing, now the trend has begun to shift to the use of two cameras.

However, how do you know the value of the camera on the phone? Of course you can’t afford to entrust a sweet promise to advertisements offered by cellphone manufacturers. For simplicity, we summarize various factors that need you to remember when choosing a camera on a cellphone. The following are the following:

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1. Sensor
Before choosing a cellphone based on a brand, it’s good to pay attention to the type of camera sensor that is used on the cellphone you are looking for. The sensor is an absolute component to summarize the reflection of light that will be translated into digital images.
Sensors that are more sensitive are better at capturing light and better images because mobile phones can translate captured light.

2. Megapixel
The megapixel unit is not infrequently displayed on mobile camera specifications, although it was built by various mobile manufacturers as a barometer for photo values. Actually, megapixels are a resolution unit which means greater value, less resolution that you will get.
The problem is, the size of the sensor on a camera cellphone is very small so it’s actually no more appropriate if it has a large resolution aka megapixel.
According to Digital Photo Secrets, if you only use cellphone images for social media activities, a 5MP resolution is good enough to meet those needs.

3. Flash
Flash is one of the most important features that are often ignored. In the dark, flash can help you get better pictures. Not only that, lightning is also able to make the image object appear more clear when placed with a full background position (background). Choosing a cellphone with a special flashlight will make you able to make it more flexible and produce better images.

4. Openings
Openings aka openings lenses are factors that can determine the value of images on a cellphone camera. The bigger the opening in the lens, the less light is added. As a result, the picture will be more detailed and you can also get a better bokeh effect. Aperture size is indicated by writing a kind of f / 1.9 alias F1. The smaller the number, the larger the lens opening.

5. Camera application
Camera applications are the latest factor to consider before choosing a cellphone. Various software depending on the type of handphone and various software also introduces special images such as beautificaton in camera software. However, make sure the professional mode alias manual is in the mobile camera software that you are looking for.
Using professional alias manual mode allows you to adjust focus, shutter speed, to ISO. If you understand the basics of photography, managing these factors can make you produce more unique and interesting images.