Digital Whiteboard Samsung Flip Slides in India at a Price of 62 Million

Samsung has released its digital whiteboard, which was presented at CES 2018, for B2B customers within the Indian market. Introduced with Rs. 300,000 or around IDR 62,940,018 price tags, the hottest Samsung Flip has a 55-inch Ultra-HD screen (3840×2160 pixels) that can be experienced in portrait and landscape modes, and is also designed with a stand so that it can be moved conveniently. Samsung Flip can be used in meeting rooms and various other collaborative environments, as outlined by Samsung. Input to the touch screen is possible with a pen, pencil and stylus, and users can erase content on the display using his or her palm.

The Samsung Flip E-LED display has a response time of 8ms, a refresh rate of 60Hz, a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees. This unique interactive digital whiteboard runs with the Tizen OS and makes it possible for as many as four people to write simultaneously on the touchscreen display. This digital whiteboard can simulate a mobile user interface and let users control mobile devices from an enormous touch screen. When it comes to different connectivity, Samsung Flip supports HDMI connections, NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB 2.0 (x2), and is built with a wooden stylus. Furthermore, this digital whiteboard comes with a pair of 10W speakers.

digital whiteboard

Samsung appears to be aiming for buyers with architects, marketing agencies and co-working space backgrounds that require collaboration between teams with such devices. Users can alter the color of the stylus by long press, switch to black or white mode for the background, and add up to 20 pages for a file. Additionally, there are Page Review and Quick Finder modes to scan documents quickly. All files can be stored locally or shared externally via email, network storage, USB, or printed (the A4 format is the default for printing). In protecting files, users can set a passcode. Samsung also uses its security software, Knox, to look after device security.

The Flip has no built-in battery and should be connected continuously to an electric power outlet. But don’t worry as this device will store user data that is being worked on in case of a sudden power outage. To avoid wasting electricity, the Flip comes with a proximity sensor which is helpful to shut off the device if it does not detect the presence of users surrounding the Flip for one hour. Looking at hardware, Samsung Flip is supported by a quad-core 1.7GHz CA72 processor with 3GB of LPDDR4 RAM, and is pre-loaded with 8GB of internal storage (5.5GB for users). Samsung Flip weighs 28.9 kg, and size 1302.6×805.5x52mm (without stand / stand).

“We are extremely excited about releasing the Samsung Flip in India, and we hope to develop this technology to help businesses operate better, smarter and quicker. The intuitive Flip interface is created specifically to be user friendly and makes it possible for continuous discussion. Comfort and ease are our most important promise, “said Puneet Sethi from Samsung, India.