How to Use OBS Studio

The sources box and select the plus sign again if you plan to record the video games that you play select Game Capture just like before you can change the name and make sure make source visible is checked select ok you can just leave everything here on the defaults and select ok again if you want to change the source settings select the source then select the Settings icon here you can change the display to delete a source select it then select the minus sign it’ll ask you if you’re sure you want to remove display capture to select yes and now it’s gone the up/down arrows change the priority of the sources make sure the source you currently want to use is at the top of the list in addition to recording your display OBS also records your desktop audio from games websites or any other software on your computer it can also record the audio from your microphone so let’s head over to


Biggest Sources of Vitamin B1

Vitamin B is also well known as thiamin. Some people also call it as thiamine. Whatever you call it, this vitamin is very important for your body. It enables your body to use carbohydrate as energy.


Baby Names For Girls

Baby names for girls When a close friend or relative is a child, there’s always presents and baby shower gifts to take into consideration getting. The new mother is going to have a rigorous period of adjustment before she gets settled in to the routine of having another individual to take care of, so she is going to need all of the help possible from family and friends to make that transition as easy and memorable as is possible. This should be a celebratory time for the new family, not a duration of worry or stress, and a gift basket to commemorate the brand new addition could be the thing to wear their spirits more, and possibly even supply them with some things that find yourself to arrive handy.

Jewelry Repair


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Jewelry Repair – Have you ever lost a jump ring from a necklace and don’t have spare parts or you need to put something back on a piece of cloth, but you don’t have enough color threads? You can easily repair your own jewelry when you have all the necessary tools at your fingertips, but what happens when you are on vacation or not at home during the day? Here are some tips for improving your own jewelry when you have little time to go to the store. Read also Gold Bracelets for Women Gift in Special Occasions


3 Ways to Watch Dolphins In Lovina Beach

Lembongan Penida Tour offers you a trip to visit Lovina Beach, they are provide penida one day trip as well. The spot is so beautiful, thanks to its beaches and natural scenery. Dolphin watching becomes one of the ultimate reasons why the place is so popular among tourists. You even can watch the dolphins on the seas, their lives, their swimming and dancing moments around the coast. But, you only can go there via small boats. If you have a dream to watch their lives, of course this kind of package can help.


Tutorial and Pro Gear Set-up

The live feed and then the green one is gonna be what’s kind of ready to be – for me to switch and here on my on top of my rack and that’s the reason why I have this sort of a whole thing which is like a rock basically there you can mount all these different boxes because you don’t have to have them like that I have it mounted and I have these two LCD monitors up here so that I can see exactly what I’m doing so here’s my main camera which right now hello you can see that this is how it looks so that’s my ear some mini camera but I also have another camera here it’s this camera that I have appeared that’s the gh 5 and I have a cable going from that camera HDMI cable going to the back of this thing here and this thing this main box is really what I used to switch between Tv3 Malaysia

How to Plan a Wedding


How to Plan a Wedding

How to plan a wedding – Organizing a wedding can be one of the most expensive and stressful periods of your life. One of the main causes of stress is cost. If you know how to plan a wedding, it will eliminate a lot of costs and hence a lot of costs. stressed out


The Basics of How to Hack Roblox for Robux on Computer

Here’s What I Know About How to Hack Roblox for Robux on Computer

Today you can use our Hack to instantly find totally free robux. Roblox hack is a rather user-friendly tool. The Roblox hack permits you to generate Robux free of charge, hence enabling you to rule the game without needing to burn a hole in your pocket. One other important thing about the hacks for Roblox robux is it has been invented by programmers who are conversant with the working of the gaming platform.


How to Stream for Broadcast Online

The first one we’re gonna do is a streaming tab so since this video is a tutorial on how to stream to twitch we’re just gonna keep the service on twitch but as you can see there are multiple ones available like youtube gaming mixer dailymotion facebook live twitter all that good stuff so for the server i recommend leaving at auto but if you want to try picking what’s closest to you by just clicking on the drop-down menu and there’s scrolling down till you find what is closer to where you live just go for it and if it doesn’t work out well for you just go back to auto anyways moving on from that we got the stream key and you might be wondering the wife censored out with bullet points and the reason for that is because you never want to show anyone what your stream key is and the reason for that is because all anyone needs to actually stream on your account is just your stream key they don’t need your username or your password which is kind of scary and trust me this is why everyone says to never show your stream key to anyone but moving on from that to actually find your stream key just go to i already have it pinned up in my browser and once you’re here click on your name on the top right from there go to your dashboard and once you’re here you’re gonna see a different like tv2 malaysia


How Do I Get My Canon Ij Scan Utility

IJ Scan Utility is surely an application that enables you to definitely conveniently scan photos, files, and many others. You can complete from scanning to saving at a person time simply by clicking the corresponding icon inside the IJ Scan Utility main display. Canon IJ Scan Utility will be the required scan and printer drivers too as configuration and management utilities that comes with numerous Canon mutli-function products. This utility also put in the community management tools accustomed to join the printer/scanner towards the network.