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Purnama, Ujung Penantian Lesti

The long wait for the dangdut singer Lesti finished in his latest single, entitled “Punama”. The song that has been made since 2015 is finally ready to be released to the public.

After three years passed, finally the song “Purnama” was ready to be launched. This song with the classic dangdut genre that has been lively has experienced three times the change of arrangement. The song created by Mr. Nurbayan tells about a waiting for a lover who never meets. And the turn of the full moon is a marker of the download lagu waiting time.

Unlike the previous Lesti song entitled “Mati Gaya”, this song has a fairly high complexity.

“If the previous song was more upbeat with a modern twist, in this ‘Purnama’ song Lesti performed a strong vocal character. And to bring this song has its own difficulties because the bottom octave sound has to be thick but the song ends with a high tone that is almost like screaming, “said Simhala Avadana as A & R from Trinity Optima Production.

“It’s really nice, finally this song can finally be released too. Initially it was released a few years ago, but the song “Zapin Melayu” and also “Kejora” were launched. And, in this song, there were many rearrangements because the first time the recording was recorded, the sound was still raw, so this new arrangement, dedek performed a more mature voice, “Lesti said.

To complete the visual of this “Full Moon” song, Upi Guava has prepared his video music. Upi Guava himself was amazed by the song sung by Lesti.

“When I first heard this song it felt like there was a magical element from this song. Sound character, lyrics, and also music like having mystical energy. And from there also the music inspiration for this video is made, “said Upi.

The process of making this video music is quite fast. Located in a studio in Jakarta, the shooting process itself only takes 3-4 hours. “Usually, if you make a video clip, you can arrive from morning to morning again. But for this video clip the process is quite fast, because filming starts at 11 noon and finishes at 3 pm, “said Lesti.

In this music video, Lesti looks different with long hair.

“The make-up of the artist is great, the hairdresser too. Daggy hair is also made long natural, “he added.