Soundcraft Notepad Digital Mixers

Notepad Series from Soundcraft have begun shipping, and the first to arrive in stores in England is the Notepad-8FX model. Later this month, Notepad-12FX and Notepad-5 models will be next to come. These 3 products are desktop analogue mixing surfaces which include USB I/O connectivity and HARMAN signal processing. Streamlined to fulfill the current audio work flow difficulties, the brand new Soundcraft Notepad surfaces provide you with excellent value and performance for audio professionals, podcasters and song writers that ask for solutions for small format mixing.

Scott Wood, Manager at HARMAN Professional Solutions, said that Soundcraft Notepad digital mixers are already known by audio pros and musicians that need excellet quality, small-format desktop mixing solutions. “So this generation of New Notepad keeps this history, while also adding the legendary signal processing, Lexicon, and USB I/O connectivity, all within an entry-level selling price,” he explained.

soundcraft digital mixer

Presenting reliable models with top quality parts, Soundcraft Notepad digital mixers bring professional mic preamps with superb sound quality for all sorts of uses, XLR combination jack mic/line plugs for pain-free connection with pro audio equipment, and 1/4″ balanced plugs allowing you to connect keyboards, play-back devices and many more. USB I/O connectivity allows unproblematic playback and recording with digital audio workstations (daw) or video audio workstations (vaw). Furthermore, Notepad 12FX and 8FX users also can enrich their audio with well known HARMAN DSP (Digital Signal Processing), including chorus and delay with tap tempo control and Lexicon reverbs.

Soundcraft Notepad mixers happen to be made for outstanding comfort and simplicity of use. A regular channel strip layout delivers efficient and fast access to preferred channels and sends. As many as three EQ’s per channel are great for simple and easy audio shaping on inbound audio signals. An Aux/FX send allows to supply audio signals to outer effects send or integrated Lexicon digital processing. A master fader with LED metering supplies XLR stereo output level control. A rotary headphone level provides you with simple and easy control for aux output levels or master mix.