How to Make Your Friends Jealous of Your Nails

nail art design

It is said that in the manner of dressing women, shoes are always the smallest detail that makes all the difference. The same can be said about nails for general beauty. You can wear perfect makeup and have perfect hair, if your nails are not taken care of, strangely, this will be one of the first things to notice. On the other hand, even without good clothes, extraordinary beautiful nails will always attract admiration and positive jealousy from women and men’s interests. Hands and nails are considered as one of the sexiest sides of a woman.

nail art design

Women’s tastes vary in the way they like their nails, short or long, simple or luxurious, plain or with a special design. Longer nails are generally considered sexier because they somehow make a difference between a girl and a woman. But girly can also be sexy and very long nails are sometimes not too aesthetic.

No matter the size or shape, the appearance of any nail can be greatly enhanced with just a few simple actions.

1. Always keep your nails clean. Clean the nails and the area under your nails whenever needed. If you use colored nail polish, don’t forget to clean it and rub it again every time it looks not so fresh. Half-peeled nail polish looks bad and sends the wrong massage.

2. Push back or cut your cuticles every 2-3 days. This procedure makes the nails look much cleaner and longer on the finger, opening up the full aesthetic potential.

Whether you choose to just push the cuticle back or push it back to cut it, do it gently and without pressing too much on the nail. Pushing the nails makes the nail growth in the future wavy.

If you choose to cut it, always do it with clean, special, thin and sharp scissors, maintenance investment and patience. Wounds look bad for several days and they are also at high risk for inflammation, or even infection. Also, if you cut it, it’s better to do it as often as possible, before they grow too much. When cutting the cuticles that grow the rest of the skin has a tendency to be broken and lifted into small pieces, effects that do not appear when they are cut regularly.
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Use cuticle oil or hand cream at least once a day, rub it well in the nail area. This makes the cuticles and skin around the nails softer and more flexible, preventing the skin from lifting and drying the edges.

3. Use the top or colored transparent nail polish. Even the simplest and simplest nails will look cleaner and better with transparent nail polish on top. In addition, there are various types of transparent nail polish products that will help you keep your nails healthy. Colored nail polish is used.

We must admit that most women if not all are fascinated by color and our nails give us the perfect opportunity to play with them.

The general rule is that short nails are more natural colors to use and do not set a limit for long nails. But not everyone agrees with this rule. Strong colors on short nails are very sexy and express a strong personality. They bring you Tomboy’s style a tough and sexy woman.

So, in the world of colors, anything is allowed. What to do with so much freedom?

The best of all is one step forward, mixing it and getting an artistic design on your nails.

4. Get a surprising design on your nails.

It always sounds more complicated than it really is. Sometimes, a simple line placed in the center of a nail or a number of points arranged in the form of flowers can make the world different and does not need a lot of talent or time. There are also many tools on the market that will help you achieve such creativity without effort. There are special colors for nail art, denser and with narrow brushes or small pipes (like pens), which offer you high enough precision in applying nail polish colors.

If you want a more complex design, you still don’t need to be a specialist to do it, a very easy way is to use one of the smART nail design templates. The results look like you have done it yourself, only without error, and you are also free to use your old nail polish in the process. It also gives you freedom for many personal combinations and additions.

No matter the method you use in adding nail art spices to your nails, after everything is dry, apply a transparent layer on top of it, to cover and protect your creation.

If you want to make your friends really jealous of your appearance, don’t forget about your nails!