Live Streaming – Tutorial and Pro Gear Set-up

And you could just be you know a one-man kind of operation so here’s my kind of a setup which you can see and this set up is kind of what I need for my show but again i’ll explain to you what you really need just to get started so what you need is like I said a camera once you have a camera the first thing I would say that you need is here you can see I have like a whole bunch of devices connected and really the only thing you need to get started is this little thing it’s the Blackmagic web presenter and what this thing is is it’s actually a little box I just mounted it to here on this kind of a rock mount but you can take it with you it’s it’s fairly small tv malaysia

And you can see it has buttons one and two that’s because you can have two inputs one as an SDI input the other one will be an HDMI and you also have controls here because you can adjust the audio you can see there’s audio levels there and I’m seeing myself there through the main camera and the web presenter will allow you to connect like I said two cameras or two audio basically feeds and also a microphone feet so you with this you’re basically ready to go and basically from the web presenter it’s i’ll show you guys afterwards in the back of the my whole setup I have a cable there going to my computer

And then there you can see that I have the you know on my computer I’m actually kind of this is what I’m streaming over there so anyway so this is like I said sort of my my base here of all my web streaming so what I have up here also that I installed is the ATM switcher this is also from black magic just like this one the black magic web presenter so the ATM switcher what that does is it allows you to switch different you know different videos feeds and also actually allows you to adjust audio but I don’t really use it because never intuitive for audio control I mean you have here a little knob but again it’s not not not basically