Currency Trading for Beginners 2019

if we go down to here the PLN polish zloty if you wanted to you could take a view on the Polish zloty against the Japanese yen polish zloty against the Mexican pesos there are all sorts of combinations you can do it what most people tend to do in the beginning at least is stick to the major markets that the major currency pairs because there’s normally plenty going on in those markets and with trading – and – if you’re trading 25,000 units or less 01:56 you can trade these with zero spread so let me just highlight these by typing in zero at the top so there we go that the most popular market euro dollar then we have the other Majors dollar Japanese yen Pound US dollar and the dollar against the Swiss franc so when we’re looking at currencies and currency pairs it’s all about relative value is one currency stronger or weaker than another currency and to get an idea of this let’s take a look at how one currency pair has moved over recent months so all the currency pair is showing is jadwal tv

the relative value of one currency versus another so if we’re looking here in this example pound US dollar we can see at the beginning of 2017 so January 2017 one pound would buy you around about one dollar and 22 cents at the beginning of September the pound had risen in value and one pound would buy you one dollar and and almost thirty two cents so when we’re looking at Forex pairs foreign exchange trading we’re looking at the value of one currency versus another now because we have currency pairs I think it can be a bit confusing in the beginning for some people when they click and they buy dollar yen or what am i buying am I saying that dollars gonna go up my saying the yen’s gonna go up it’s understandable why this is confusing to some but it’s really easy I think to understand so again let’s take a quick look on a platform to understand when we’re trading what direction are we actually trading in when it comes to the directional trading it’s really easy like I said it can be a bit confusing for people in the beginning but the way to remember if you buy pound US dollar it’s the first quoted currency in the currency pair that you’re buying and selling buying or selling so

if I buy pound US dollar I’m speculating that the pound is going to go up means this chart is going to go up and correspondingly the US dollar is going to fall so the pounds value is going to increase against the US dollar so for example if I’d bought down here bought pound US dollar at the beginning of the year and we’re still holding the position I’d be sitting on a reasonable profit if I thought the pound had gone up too far and I think why the markets gonna fall how do I profit from this well how do I try and profit from this the way to do it I would click on sell I would sell pound against the US dollar so I’m speculating the value of the pound is gonna drop on this it’s going to turn lower okay so that’s that that’s the rule of thumb when you’re buying or selling it’s the first quoted currency that you’re buying or selling against the other one so if we sold the dollar against the Japanese yen we’re speculating the dollar yen is gonna fall so