Tutorial: How To Stream On Youtube With OBS Studio 2019

The reason we’re not going to be using OBS classic is because OBS studio has a lot more to offer it has it’s a better product in my opinion I’m not going to be doing this for classic because everybody uses studio now because it’s just genuinely a better product in my opinion so we’re going to go over here to download OBS studio and then you’re going to want to click whatever button matches your operating system so if you have a Mac click OSX and if you have a Windows PC then click Windows seven plus so tv online

If you have under Windows 7 this will not work for you you’re gonna have to use OBS classic which I’m not doing a tutorial for because oh boy OBS classic is just not good so then there’s Linux as well if you have Linux so just click this download it I’m not going to download it because I already have it so once you download it you just want to double click on your desktop and open it the application itself so we’re not going to worry about any of this and you’re not going to have any sources but you will have one scene you’re probably not going to have anything in your mixer over here so what

The first thing you want to do go to file go to settings general whatever language you want to choose is your opinion really because you know if you speak Spanish than I do Spanish I don’t know language is kind of a personal preference I speak English so I put English theme I go with dark because default just looks really ugly and dark looks really nice and it goes easy on the eyes so before we do anything else in the settings I want you guys to click the second link I have in the description which is a link to a speed test so once you get here you want to go to settings