OBS TUTORIAL IN 30 MINUTES Complete Tutorial for Beginners 2019

And I’m gonna hit stop recording in order to stop that recording so now we can go find that video over in my videos we can open it up with a tool like VLC media player and we can play that back and of course with these video clips you record you can drag those into a video editor of your choice if you need to make a final youtube video so next let’s talk about how to actually stream to twitch so with your twitch account logged in you’re gonna want to go to twitch TV slash dashboard and then you’re going to want to click on channel under settings which will give you your primary stream key so don’t let other people see this or they will be able to stream as you obviously so we’re just going to copy this tvmelayu

And go paste it into OBS so where we paste it into OBS is under file settings and then on the stream tab we have service server and stream keys so I’m going to ctrl V to paste that in and hit apply so now we can hit start streaming to actually take whatever we have recording here in OBS and forward that out to the twitch servers so that whoever wants to watch can watch and interact with you as a streamer note that starting the stream and starting your recording are separate things so if you hit start streaming like i’ll do here right now it’s not actually going to record to a file it’s only going to record out to twitch so you also want to hit start recording now

The green light that I was talking about here and the bottom right if you are running into issues with your stream upload bit right then that’s going to show up here well you can see the KB’s per second that it’s actually outputting it may be below your max but if the screen turns to a yellow or VAD you may be having issues so let’s go check twitch really quick so I will click on the life tab and we should be able to see my absolutely terrible stream going right here but I will make it all mode and we can see zero viewers but the logo is streaming to twitch TV so that’s cool I suppose obviously you want foreseen set up with microphones