How to Use OBS Studio

The sources box and select the plus sign again if you plan to record the video games that you play select Game Capture just like before you can change the name and make sure make source visible is checked select ok you can just leave everything here on the defaults and select ok again if you want to change the source settings select the source then select the Settings icon here you can change the display to delete a source select it then select the minus sign it’ll ask you if you’re sure you want to remove display capture to select yes and now it’s gone the up/down arrows change the priority of the sources make sure the source you currently want to use is at the top of the list in addition to recording your display OBS also records your desktop audio from games websites or any other software on your computer it can also record the audio from your microphone so let’s head over to

The mixer section for desktop audio click the Settings icon to the right of the volume bar select properties from the drop down menu make sure that default is selected then hit OK just below desktop audio there’s a separate listing for microphone select the Settings icon then properties here you can choose the microphone that you want to use once you have it selected select ok let’s take a quick look at the rest of the user interface to the left of sources his scenes which will allow you to use more than one source while recording this is a little bit more advanced for a beginners tutorial so we’ll skip over this one to the right of the mixer is scene transitions if you’re not using scenes there’s no need to worry about this one

And to the right of the scene transitions is controls for doing a live stream you would select start streaming start recording is for a standard screen capture right now it says stop recording because I’m currently using it to record my screen once you become more comfortable with OBS you may want to try out studio mode for live streaming simply it allows you to make changes while you’re streaming like adding and resizing images and adding text below studio mode is settings and exit exit is self-explanatory let’s go into settings and I will show you which ones that I use for my recordings in each category i’ll point out a few of