Tutorial and Pro Gear Set-up

The live feed and then the green one is gonna be what’s kind of ready to be – for me to switch and here on my on top of my rack and that’s the reason why I have this sort of a whole thing which is like a rock basically there you can mount all these different boxes because you don’t have to have them like that I have it mounted and I have these two LCD monitors up here so that I can see exactly what I’m doing so here’s my main camera which right now hello you can see that this is how it looks so that’s my ear some mini camera but I also have another camera here it’s this camera that I have appeared that’s the gh 5 and I have a cable going from that camera HDMI cable going to the back of this thing here and this thing this main box is really what I used to switch between Tv3 Malaysia

The different video sources and then once whatever I switch up here or basically whatever is my main camera that I’m sending out which is this feed or this one here I have it kind of larger that’s was actually getting sent to the Blackmagic web presenter and then from there it gets encoded is sort of into like a webcam signal and it goes over USB cable up to my computer there and I can stream that so anyway so this is kind of what’s cool about the Blackmagic what presenter is that you have these dedicated buttons and let’s say right now I’m on camera 5 which is the main camera you can see up here but now I armed already this is my laptop up here one of my laptops that I have

And I can for example in my laptop here you can see let’s say I have a you know that’s usually how I do my little intro of this show so I have a little graphic you see a little animation and that wall this animation is playing you’ll notice here it’s playing also in this window so now I can clean up or switch to this once it’s armed you can see this is the armed one and I can do a simple cut see now it cut to this so that’s the main that’s the actual feed being sent out or I can do dissolve I can it will dissolve basically between these two cameras so I can do a nice dissolve and you can adjust settings for all