Light Oak Nightstand Bookshelf: How You Choose and Arrange One

In home design, sometimes furniture can serve as two or more, depending on how we use one. We just need to be more creative with it after all. So, how about light oak nightstand bookshelf? Since the color is already applicable to any bedroom concepts, you just need to concern yourself about other aspects of the furniture to arrange one as both nightstand and bookshelf. Let’s see here then.

Size of the Furniture to Choose One

Light Oak Nightstand Bookshelf

Light Oak Nightstand Bookshelf

Start with the size first. You can’t have one light oak bookshelf nightstand that doesn’t fit the space. Yes, nightstands are practically small, but surely you don’t want one that somehow looks too big to pair with the bed, right? For it to fit the space, you need to make sure that you consider the size of the bed as well as the size of the bedroom when choosing one. You will know what will suit the best. View https://heroichouse.com

Cubby Storage Area Over the Others

Light oak nightstand bookshelf has one certain storage design to choose. Since it is going to be bookshelf, of course it can’t be drawer-only nightstand. We don’t have to eliminate the drawer though. So, it is best to choose one with pair of drawer and cubby area. Light oak nightstand cubby area will serve as the bookshelf, exposing the books that are kept just like how they are in the shelf.

Piling Books Horizontally or Vertically

The last aspect is about how we arrange the books. We can’t just throw them in without much thought, right? To look neat and beautiful for home décor, you can put books vertically like usual. If there is not much book stored, use the space to put vase in. Or light oak nightstand bookshelf can have its cubby area use to pile books horizontally. You can then put the vase on top of the very pile.

Light oak nightstand bookshelf should consider compatible furniture size and cubby area before you store the books neatly to complement home décor.