Biggest Sources of Vitamin B1

Vitamin B is also well known as thiamin. Some people also call it as thiamine. Whatever you call it, this vitamin is very important for your body. It enables your body to use carbohydrate as energy.

Besides that, this vitamin is also essential for glucose metabolism. In addition, vitamin B1 also has an important role in heart, muscle and nerve functions. So, knowing the sources of vitamin B1 is really important.

Foods with High Vitamin B1

There are many foods that can be the sources of thiamin. Usually, this vitamin can be found on some foods such as pulses, whole grain, nuts, pork, beef, and yeast.

Some vegetables and fruits are also rich of vitamin B1 like kale, asparagus, potatoes, eggs, oranges, liver and cauliflower. Even though there are many foods that contain vitamin B1, many people are still lack of this vitamin. In fact, boiling, cooking and heating foods can destroy vitamin B1.

The Benefits of Vitamin B1

Knowing the sources of vitamin B1 is a must because this vitamin has so many benefits. It can prevent complications in the intestines, stomach, heart, muscles, brain and nervous system. Besides that, this vitamin is involved too in the electrolyte flow into & out of nerve cells & muscles.

In addition, vitamin B1 is also helpful to prevent some diseases like beriberi that involves heart, digestive system, and nerves disorders. Considering the benefits, you have to know vitamin B1 sources.

The Risks of Vitamin B1 Deficiency

People who experience vitamin B1 deficiency will experience some effects. The most common one is beriberi. It is a condition which features problems related to wasting and peripheral nerves. Besides, anorexia and weight loss can develop.

Then, it can also cause muscles weak. Last but not least, vitamin B1 deficiency also relates to cardiovascular symptoms. However, you do not need to worry because now you have known the sources of vitamin B1.

Sources of vitamin B12 come from some foods like pulses, whole grain, nuts, pork, beef, etc. This vitamin is very useful for your body and thiamin deficiency can cause some problems.