Lyla’s Latest Clip Video of the Year, “Up Here”

Stafaband In last June Andien has released his latest single titled Indahnya Dunia. Associated with his career in the music world for Andien the song is very special. And what’s the story about this song? Let’s discuss it together yes.

For Andien the song “Beautiful World” is very important

The song “Beautiful World” written by Satrio Alexa, arrangement by Nikita Dompas. Then why the song is very important for Andien? The answer is because the song tells about his journey Andien, about morphed. Furthermore, the singer of “Let It Be My Way” is telling the process of metamorphosis like what he lived. “From a wife to a wife, from a wife to a mother, there are many lessons in which every step takes many lessons,” says Andien. “This song is a longing for a time or a moment where we often forget or do something about it, but it must be remembered that everything will be beautiful in time,” continued the mother of one child. bokep

What’s more special than this song download lagu

This song is a special piece of work not only because it is able to reflect the exploration of Andien’s 17-year career in the music world, but also because it was recorded three days after his son, Anaku Askara Biru or Kawa was born. “Three days after I was born, we were both in the studio, Kawa, huh?” she said with a smile. “This song makes me optimistic and learn to be grateful, because everyday our world is beautiful if we give thanks,” lid chanter “Until Later”. bokep jepang