Go International, 5 Idol KPop This Collaborates with World Musicians

The entertainment world in South Korea has indeed grown very rapidly lately. This of course makes the names of the KPop idols increasingly famous. Their popularity is not only in Asia, LHO, but they are also popular in foreign countries.

In 2018, there are a number of foreign musicians who are interested in collaborating with these Kpop idols. Starting from Nicki Minaj to John Legend, all are interested in working with Kpop stars.

Now if you are already curious, who is KPop Idols who collaborates with foreign musicians. Let’s take a look at each other:

1. Wendy (Red Velvet) & John Legend

One of the Red Velvet personnel, namely Wendy became one of KPop Idol who collaborated with Hollywood musicians. Wendy duets with John Legend in the Written In The Stars song. The easy listening ballad song is a romantic song, it is really great to hear if you are in love.

2. BTS & Nicki Minaj

The most famous boyband group in Asia, is able to penetrate the music market in America. And apparently, their popularity caught the attention of Nicki Minaj. In September 2018 yesterday, BTS and Nicki Minaj collaborated on the Idol song. This energetic and groovy song immediately steals attention and becomes a hot conversation for music lovers.

3. Super Junior & Leslie Grace

Super Junior succeeded in displaying something new, and different in the song Lo Siento. This song is included in their 8th album. In this song they collaborated with Leslie Grace, a Dominican-American singer. The touch of electro latin and pop in this song is truly unique, and makes this song nice to hear.

All of song you can download lagu in website legal like a apple music, google music, spotify . thank you!