From the Type of Music We Can Know the Personality of a Person, Here Is the Way

To get to know someone’s personality, it can be seen from the taste of music, you know. Is he creative, introverted, extroverted, thinker, selfish? Try to try a variety of music genres below, with your characters aka the characters of people in your environment.

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1. Heavy Metal fans are in fact gentle and creative figures
Music psychology Adrian North, Ph.D., conducted research for three years by linking the priorities and characteristics of musical personality to more than 36,000 participants. He found that heavy metal fans were people who felt ‘slippery’. Basically they have similarities with classical music fans, it’s just that they tend to be younger.

2. Lovers of intelligent classical music
Reflective and complex is the right description for classical music and the people who hear it. According to a study in the North, classical music fans are usually creative, introverted, and provide high self-esteem.
For them, tasting the thrill of listening to classical music is like seeing a big theater show. However, they are not people who close themselves to associate with metal music fans, and even fit.
Research has found that students who like classical music like Beethoven have high school grades compared to other music fans. While the lowest grade students refer to hip hop fans. But don’t make this change in taste for your music. Free, right.

3. Hip hop fans are extroverts
Like hip-hop music fans who are fate and rhythmic, enjoy the social angle of music. For example dancing, singing together, and like sharing music with other people rather than imprisoning it with a pair of headphones.
Like rapper, hip-hop fans are seen as extroverts and have high self-esteem, in the North. Other studies have suggested that rap fans have the same value as Kanye West, which is known as “cruelty”, which is a tendency to manifest what is in their minds.

4. Pop fans are not more creative but easy to follow
Pop music fans are portrayed as not more creative than other music fans. Even so, they are eloquent, open, and have high self-esteem. They also use music to control moods.

5. Friendly but selfish rock fans
Classic rock fans usually want to work hard, but feel enjoy with themselves. They also tend to be more selfish than other music listeners.
Just like their pop music fans, rock fans also use music to add to their mood. Their songs are usually affiliated with emotional experiences.
In addition, indie music fans tend to be creative and open to new experiences, but their self-esteem and work ethics are low. While ferocious punk rock fans have a humble personality but empathy.

6. Community fans, jazz and blues are deep thinkers
Same as fans of classical music, public listeners, jazz and the genre of open-minded, open-minded, and very creative music genres. They use music to train the brain. If you play jazz music, you can also trigger the brain to open a ‘knot’ of new creativity.