Check These 5 Parts If Your RX King Motorcycle Pulls Slow

Like a motorcycle in general, a 2-stroke motorcycle like the Yamaha RX King is definitely not free from technical problems. There are several factors that can interfere with the motor’s ability when pushing.
One of the technical problems is that it is not uncommon for the Yamaha RX King to delay the RX King.
What causes the withdrawal of a motor with a 135cc capacity slowly? Here are some arguments why drag the RX King slowly:

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1. The oil engine is not replaced
Engine oil plays an important role because it is responsible for lubrication and protection of several engine components to avoid wear. Irregular engine oil changes can cause inadequate amounts and poor performance.
“If the oil is lacking, the motor will heat up quickly and the extraordinary performance will decrease or become slow. If allowed to continue, the engine can be a problem,” said Opik, Mustika Motor workshop owner in Kramat Jati.

2. The spark plug is dirty
Spark plugs are also an important component that needs to be examined. The condition of a dirty plug or damaged can disrupt the combustion of the engine.
“This is what makes slow drag and does not work optimally, so you must check the spark to avoid performance degradation,” he said.

3. Carburetor is a problem
If the carburetor is dirty or enters the water, the benefits of burning will also be a problem. Carburetors are able to be one of the causes of the decline in RX King capabilities.

4. Chain settings are incorrect
In addition to the engine, the chain is problematic aka wrong can cause the Yamaha RX King motorbike You are slow and tend to be heavy. This may be because of a loose chain, aka longevity.

5. Filter the dirty machine
The condition of the dirty filter will cause blockage in the filter, the air needed in the combustion process in the engine is difficult to enter.
“The engine filter must be cleaned so that the motor pull becomes lighter, if it’s dirty it’s clogged,” he said.