IELTS Reading Tips: Tips on Getting an IELTS High Score Reading Session

IELTS Reading Tips – Of the many sessions on the IELTS test, reading sessions may be the hardest part after listening. Especially for those of you who have a weakness in reading speed. Because, the main enemy of this test is a very limited time pressure. Only in a limited time, you must complete 13 questions divided into 3 sections for each reading. In general, there are three readings for the IELTS test.

# Frequent Mistakes
When facing this test, many test participants answered with the manual method, namely directly reading the number one question, then looking for it in the reading. Likewise for questions number two, three, and so on. They assume, this is the most appropriate way to save time answering questions. In fact, just the opposite, without reading first, you will be bothered to be able to find answers to the questions given. In addition, you will repeat the reading in the same paragraph to answer other questions. Remember, in general, on the IELTS test, question number 1 section 1, question number 1 section 2, and question number 1 section 3 there can be the same paragraph.

# Tips to do
To save time, there are some tips you need to do in dealing with this test. Here are the IELTS Reading Tips:

1. Use Skimming Technique
Read carefully the title and first sentence for each paragraph. In this way, you can know widely what discussion is in each paragraph. For the next sentence, just skimming and remember the important points in the paragraph. Next, answer the number one question while remembering which paragraph the answer to the question is.

2. Read the whole question
After reading skimming reading, then read all the questions as a whole. Find out if there are interrelated questions. After that, remember which paragraph, the answer to the question can be found. If there are interrelated questions, you can simply go to one paragraph reading, and answer some of the related questions.

3. Use Scanning Techniques
In this IELTS Reading Tips, you read the whole of the questions and the choice of answers, then read the reading carefully. Read in detail word by word and sentence by sentence reading while remembering the question you have read. Immediately find the answer in the reading.

That’s some IELTS Reading Tips. It’s not easy to apply if you first try it. Therefore, do not hesitate to train yourself to answer these reading questions. If necessary, limit your answer time and record the score. With hard and routine training, you will get used to this test well. Your memory will also be honed. This means that you have a great opportunity to get a high score on the IELST reading session test.