Day: November 20, 2018


IELTS Reading Tips: Tips on Getting an IELTS High Score Reading Session

IELTS Reading Tips – Of the many sessions on the IELTS test, reading sessions may be the hardest part after listening. Especially for those of you who have a weakness in reading speed. Because, the main enemy of this test is a very limited time pressure. Only in a limited time, you must complete 13 questions divided into 3 sections for each reading. In general, there are three readings for the IELTS test.

wedding traditions


Popular Wedding Traditions

Wedding Traditions – Have you stopped asking yourself where did our traditions and ceremonies come from? Why does the groom bring the bride to the threshold of her new home? Why are we throwing rice? What is the meaning behind wedding colors? Ancient traditions are quite rooted in our society to become invisible. It’s time to find the reason for our wedding ceremony in the United States.