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How to Stream for Broadcast Online

The first one we’re gonna do is a streaming tab so since this video is a tutorial on how to stream to twitch we’re just gonna keep the service on twitch but as you can see there are multiple ones available like youtube gaming mixer dailymotion facebook live twitter all that good stuff so for the server i recommend leaving at auto but if you want to try picking what’s closest to you by just clicking on the drop-down menu and there’s scrolling down till you find what is closer to where you live just go for it and if it doesn’t work out well for you just go back to auto anyways moving on from that we got the stream key and you might be wondering the wife censored out with bullet points and the reason for that is because you never want to show anyone what your stream key is and the reason for that is because all anyone needs to actually stream on your account is just your stream key they don’t need your username or your password which is kind of scary and trust me this is why everyone says to never show your stream key to anyone but moving on from that to actually find your stream key just go to i already have it pinned up in my browser and once you’re here click on your name on the top right from there go to your dashboard and once you’re here you’re gonna see a different like tv2 malaysia

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My iPhone Screen Is Cracked! Here’s What To Do

iphone screen repair sydney

You simply dropped your iPhone and the screen is broken. When your iPhone screen is shattered, it can be hard to find out exactly what you need to do, which fix alternative is best, or if you ought to even fix it at all. In this short article, I’ll discuss exactly what to do when your iPhone screen is split and stroll you through the various repair work choices.

Safety First

When an iPhone screen fractures or shatters, there is generally plenty of sharp glass fragments poking out. The last thing you wish to have taken place after you’ve dropped your iPhone is cut your hand on the damaged glass and need to go to the emergency clinic.

If your iPhone screen is totally shattered, take a piece of clear packaging tape and put it over the screen.

If the screen isn’t really substantially split, you might have the ability to avoid this action till you determine whether the screen is functional or if you wish to have it changed.

Evaluate The Damage: How Broken Is It?

The next concern you desire to ask yourself is this: How damaged is the screen? Is the screen entirely shattered?

If the damage is small, it might deserve a journey to the Apple Store to see if an exception can be made– however, those cases are exceptionally unusual.

Apple does not cover physical damage to iPhones– there’s still a service charge even if you have AppleCare+. The majority of the time, effect points are apparent and an Apple Genius can find them right now. If your iPhone screen, you will not have the ability to talk your escape of it.

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Here’s how to mark important messages on WhatsApp apps

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging software in many countries. Personally, I like to use this service because it’s convenient. I use WhatsApp to communicate with not a few people, from friends, family to sources of people for news.

In addition, WhatsApp also supports group dialog features, making it easier for users to affiliate with not a few people at once. The problem is, because there are not many messages coming in, sometimes I have trouble finding important messages that I receive.

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Fortunately, WhatsApp has provided features in the form of Starred Messages, aka Starred Messages. To use this feature is quite easy. First, select the conversation that contains the message you want to mark. After that, select the message that you want to give an asterisk by tapping and holding it for various times.

There are various choices of actions that you can take in the upper stages, from responding to sending messages marked with other people. The star icon is in the second row from the left. Tap the star icon and the message you choose will become a Star Message. You can mark various messages at once to become a Star Message by selecting various messages before tapping the star icon.

Messages that have been marked will have a star icon at the bottom of the message, next to the message delivery time. Even if you want to listen to all Star Messages, you can find a collection of messages in the stage called “Starred Messages”.

To access this stage, you can enter the menu by tapping three vertical point icons to the right. Select Starred Messages and you will find all the messages you mark.

To delete an asterisk from a message, you pretty much choose an asterisk message by typing and hold it for a while and then choose a star icon with one line. Removing an asterisk in a message will not delete the message.


In Choosing a Mobile Phone Camera, Follow These 5 Benchmarks

Then cellphone cameras become one of the absolute factors when choosing a cellphone. Depressed self-esteem also makes mobile manufacturers compete to release quality mobile cameras. Nothing, now the trend has begun to shift to the use of two cameras.

However, how do you know the value of the camera on the phone? Of course you can’t afford to entrust a sweet promise to advertisements offered by cellphone manufacturers. For simplicity, we summarize various factors that need you to remember when choosing a camera on a cellphone. The following are the following:

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1. Sensor
Before choosing a cellphone based on a brand, it’s good to pay attention to the type of camera sensor that is used on the cellphone you are looking for. The sensor is an absolute component to summarize the reflection of light that will be translated into digital images.
Sensors that are more sensitive are better at capturing light and better images because mobile phones can translate captured light.

2. Megapixel
The megapixel unit is not infrequently displayed on mobile camera specifications, although it was built by various mobile manufacturers as a barometer for photo values. Actually, megapixels are a resolution unit which means greater value, less resolution that you will get.
The problem is, the size of the sensor on a camera cellphone is very small so it’s actually no more appropriate if it has a large resolution aka megapixel.
According to Digital Photo Secrets, if you only use cellphone images for social media activities, a 5MP resolution is good enough to meet those needs.

3. Flash
Flash is one of the most important features that are often ignored. In the dark, flash can help you get better pictures. Not only that, lightning is also able to make the image object appear more clear when placed with a full background position (background). Choosing a cellphone with a special flashlight will make you able to make it more flexible and produce better images.

4. Openings
Openings aka openings lenses are factors that can determine the value of images on a cellphone camera. The bigger the opening in the lens, the less light is added. As a result, the picture will be more detailed and you can also get a better bokeh effect. Aperture size is indicated by writing a kind of f / 1.9 alias F1. The smaller the number, the larger the lens opening.

5. Camera application
Camera applications are the latest factor to consider before choosing a cellphone. Various software depending on the type of handphone and various software also introduces special images such as beautificaton in camera software. However, make sure the professional mode alias manual is in the mobile camera software that you are looking for.
Using professional alias manual mode allows you to adjust focus, shutter speed, to ISO. If you understand the basics of photography, managing these factors can make you produce more unique and interesting images.


Digital Whiteboard Samsung Flip Slides in India at a Price of 62 Million

Samsung has released its digital whiteboard, which was presented at CES 2018, for B2B customers within the Indian market. Introduced with Rs. 300,000 or around IDR 62,940,018 price tags, the hottest Samsung Flip has a 55-inch Ultra-HD screen (3840×2160 pixels) that can be experienced in portrait and landscape modes, and is also designed with a stand so that it can be moved conveniently. Samsung Flip can be used in meeting rooms and various other collaborative environments, as outlined by Samsung. Input to the touch screen is possible with a pen, pencil and stylus, and users can erase content on the display using his or her palm.

The Samsung Flip E-LED display has a response time of 8ms, a refresh rate of 60Hz, a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees. This unique interactive digital whiteboard runs with the Tizen OS and makes it possible for as many as four people to write simultaneously on the touchscreen display. This digital whiteboard can simulate a mobile user interface and let users control mobile devices from an enormous touch screen. When it comes to different connectivity, Samsung Flip supports HDMI connections, NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB 2.0 (x2), and is built with a wooden stylus. Furthermore, this digital whiteboard comes with a pair of 10W speakers.

digital whiteboard

Samsung appears to be aiming for buyers with architects, marketing agencies and co-working space backgrounds that require collaboration between teams with such devices. Users can alter the color of the stylus by long press, switch to black or white mode for the background, and add up to 20 pages for a file. Additionally, there are Page Review and Quick Finder modes to scan documents quickly. All files can be stored locally or shared externally via email, network storage, USB, or printed (the A4 format is the default for printing). In protecting files, users can set a passcode. Samsung also uses its security software, Knox, to look after device security.

The Flip has no built-in battery and should be connected continuously to an electric power outlet. But don’t worry as this device will store user data that is being worked on in case of a sudden power outage. To avoid wasting electricity, the Flip comes with a proximity sensor which is helpful to shut off the device if it does not detect the presence of users surrounding the Flip for one hour. Looking at hardware, Samsung Flip is supported by a quad-core 1.7GHz CA72 processor with 3GB of LPDDR4 RAM, and is pre-loaded with 8GB of internal storage (5.5GB for users). Samsung Flip weighs 28.9 kg, and size 1302.6×805.5x52mm (without stand / stand).

“We are extremely excited about releasing the Samsung Flip in India, and we hope to develop this technology to help businesses operate better, smarter and quicker. The intuitive Flip interface is created specifically to be user friendly and makes it possible for continuous discussion. Comfort and ease are our most important promise, “said Puneet Sethi from Samsung, India.


Best Woocommerce Plugin to Enhance Your Business Perfomance

As the owner of an online business then you are required to continue to think creatively and innovatively so that the business is able to follow the flow of technological developments in terms of online shop business. Having an online shop page is a thing that all online business owners dream about because it will give the impression of professionalism of an online shop that will make customers have more confidence to carry out the process of buying and selling. For users of Woocommerce is not a difficult thing to innovate because there are many plugins that are very interesting. Therefore this article will discuss the best Woocommerce plugin that will improve your online shop performance.

The plugin itself is an additional program on an initial program that is useful for improving basic program performance. In addition, plugins are also useful for adding functions to the main program. Plugins are also useful to reduce the basic size of the program so that the users of Woocommerce will not be disturbed by the size of the larger applications due to more and more plugins are used. One of the main plugins that are important to use is YITH Woocommerce Zoom Magnifier that serves as a zoom button provider that allows customers to view products in more detail. The Plugin is also very compatible with other devices such as having a special button when accessed through smartphones. This makes YITH Woocommerce Zoom Magnifier the best Woocommerce plugin.

In addition, marketing is one of the main focus in running an online business so that additional plugins such as Metrilo are required. Metrilo is one of the most widely used plugins because it can automatically help you enter customer data and categorize it based on the intensity of shopping. So you can easily increase customer loyalty by providing some attractive offers to customers with high shopping intensity. With such convenience, Metrilo is often categorized as the best Woocommerce plugin for some owners.