An Overview of 2009 Honda Civic Si


2009 Honda Civic Si is an awesome car to drive. I can say that because I have proven myself that 2009 Honda Civic Si specs and design are so much outstanding.

The Body Design of 2009 Honda Civic Si

Like what I have stated before, Honda Civic Si 2009 comes in adorable design. Both the exterior and the interior are very awesome. Basically, 2009 Honda Civic Si employs new platform which is more compact than the predecessor.

Further, there are some upgraded and new features employed. New headlights and restyled front face become the most important features I can find in this car.

Besides, lighter platform material also supports the car to be more aerodynamic. Aside from the exterior, the interior of 2009 Honda Civic Si is also impressive. I like the cabin which is more spacious than the predecessor.

It provides roomy leg room and head room. Moreover, the cabin can accommodate 5 people at the maximum. Further, I also like the upholstery. The seating is upholstered with faux suede and soft fabric.

Those two materials enable the seating to be comfortable yet luxurious. Not to mention, there are plenty features I like the most from this car.

They are climate control system, iPod interface, touch-screen navigation system, and responsive steering. Despite the fact that the body design and the features of Honda Civic Si are very adorable, I also consider that 2009 Honda Civic Si engine is also awesome.

The Engine Specifications of 2009 Honda Civic Si

According to website, 2009 Honda Civic Si runs a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine. This engine is claimed being able to generate strong horsepower.

It is not just a claim, but I have proven myself that this 2.0-liter engine is powerful, especially if I compare it to the other engines running in some cars from the same level.

Working with 6-speed manual gearbox, this 2.0-liter engine can develop 197 horsepower and 139lb-ft of torque. Regarding those numbers, I can say that 2009 Honda Civic Si horsepower is appropriate to the trim level and the car proportion.

In fact, the engine is not only powerful but it is also fuel economical. Based on the EPA estimated mpg ratings, the engine running in 2009 Honda Civic Si can reach 21mpg in the city and 29mpg on the highway. Instead of the engine, the gearbox is also very awesome.

I discover that the gearbox employing in 2009 Honda Civic Si has slick and smooth shifter. It makes this car so much fun and easy to drive, especially for long trip. Furthermore, this car also gets quick acceleration. The acceleration of 2009 Honda Civic Si 0-60mph can be reached within 7 seconds only.