Tutorial: How To Stream On Youtube With OBS Studio 2019

The reason we’re not going to be using OBS classic is because OBS studio has a lot more to offer it has it’s a better product in my opinion I’m not going to be doing this for classic because everybody uses studio now because it’s just genuinely a better product in my opinion so we’re going to go over here to download OBS studio and then you’re going to want to click whatever button matches your operating system so if you have a Mac click OSX and if you have a Windows PC then click Windows seven plus so tv online


China’s Music Industry Grows 7.8%

The music industry in China sees growth of 7.8 percent year-on-year in 2017 compared to the same period in 2016. In fact, the value of profits exceeded 325 billion yuan (USD49 billion), according to an industry report.
The report, compiled by the Chinese music industry committee Audio-Video and Digital Publishing Association, includes recordings, shows, digital music, copyright business, books, musical instruments, training and sound equipment. Seen as a new growth engine for the industry, the digital music business reached nearly 53 billion yuan, up 6.2 percent.
Quoting Xinhua, Tuesday 7 November 2017, the value of digital music available on PCs or mobile devices jumped nearly 40 percent, reaching 14.3 billion yuan, thanks to the growth of users who pay quickly. The number of online music users who pay more than doubled compared to 2012.


Some Tips to Make Modern Bathroom Design

The busy days often make you get stressful. You work all day and you get tired. You need to refresh your mind. To refresh your mind, you should not go to tourism place that far from home. Think that your home has a place that you can use for having relaxed. It is bathroom. Actually, the function of bathroom is not only for bathing. I modern today, the function of bathroom has been transformed as a place for having relaxed. You can spend your leisure time in the bathroom to get a freshness.

IELTS Writing


Preparing Your IELTS Writing Test

IELTS Writing – IELTS is the standard test to evaluate your English proficiency. The candidates will be tested in four sections, they are listening, reading, speaking and writing. The IELTS listening, reading and speaking sections need a lot of practices and preparations, however, mostly candidates gradually go through the training section. The writing section, in other hands, becomes one of the most thoughtful parts.


OBS TUTORIAL IN 30 MINUTES Complete Tutorial for Beginners 2019

And I’m gonna hit stop recording in order to stop that recording so now we can go find that video over in my videos we can open it up with a tool like VLC media player and we can play that back and of course with these video clips you record you can drag those into a video editor of your choice if you need to make a final youtube video so next let’s talk about how to actually stream to twitch so with your twitch account logged in you’re gonna want to go to twitch TV slash dashboard and then you’re going to want to click on channel under settings which will give you your primary stream key so don’t let other people see this or they will be able to stream as you obviously so we’re just going to copy this tvmelayu


How to Use OBS Studio

The sources box and select the plus sign again if you plan to record the video games that you play select Game Capture just like before you can change the name and make sure make source visible is checked select ok you can just leave everything here on the defaults and select ok again if you want to change the source settings select the source then select the Settings icon here you can change the display to delete a source select it then select the minus sign it’ll ask you if you’re sure you want to remove display capture to select yes and now it’s gone the up/down arrows change the priority of the sources make sure the source you currently want to use is at the top of the list in addition to recording your display OBS also records your desktop audio from games websites or any other software on your computer it can also record the audio from your microphone so let’s head over to


Biggest Sources of Vitamin B1

Vitamin B is also well known as thiamin. Some people also call it as thiamine. Whatever you call it, this vitamin is very important for your body. It enables your body to use carbohydrate as energy.


Baby Names For Girls

Baby names for girls When a close friend or relative is a child, there’s always presents and baby shower gifts to take into consideration getting. The new mother is going to have a rigorous period of adjustment before she gets settled in to the routine of having another individual to take care of, so she is going to need all of the help possible from family and friends to make that transition as easy and memorable as is possible. This should be a celebratory time for the new family, not a duration of worry or stress, and a gift basket to commemorate the brand new addition could be the thing to wear their spirits more, and possibly even supply them with some things that find yourself to arrive handy.